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Big CK-NJ "Ultimate Match-up" at Drew!

March 30, 2003
Drew University's Bovine Intervention (Ryan's team)
vs. Tufts University's E-Men (David's team)

David goes out for a spectacular
catch (missed by the camera man).

David's crowd pleasing hustle.
That guy never gives up!

Sure footed as ever, even on the slippery
turf, Ryan stays close to his man.

Ryan's impenetrable defense stymies the E-Men.

The Bovine brain trust cooks up a winning
strategy for the second half.

David takes a moment away from the team huddle to show us who's #1.

Ethan and his dad were among the huge crowds who braved the cold, rainy day to cheer on their CK favorites.

As rumors had it, Charles was scouting for William Paterson University.  Maybe the WPU team will make a comeback next season.

The next time we see Ethan with these two guys, they'll be in the Centenary quad wearing their shorts and t-shirts and yelling "Ultimate"!

The only way David's brother and dad get to see him is to spend rainy weekend days at the sidelines of the E-Men's Ultimate matches.

Tom (the camera man) wants to thank his nieces for letting him drag them out to meet the crazy, wet and cold CK-NJ folks who had nothing better to do on a Sunday in March.

(We don't really care about the score at Campus Kids, right?)

After falling behind 5-1 at the start, the E-Men closed the gap to 7-5 at the half.  It was a tough second half, but the Bovine Intervention stayed strong and finished with a 13-8 victory.

We are proud of our two CK-NJ players, Ryan and David.  Good match.
We'll see you for more Ultimate this summer.

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