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Every Campus Kids camper chooses his/her activities every day!  We call it "camper choice programming" and our campers love it.

No two daily activity schedules are alike all summer because we are constantly adjusting program offerings to meet the needs of our campers.

Each afternoon, bunk counselors help their campers choose what they are going to do the next day.  It's not a group decision or vote.  Each camper makes his/her own decisions.

This makes it possible for campers to easily try out new activities without being locked in for a week or two whether they like it or not.  It also allows them to focus in on special interests and go back to certain activities every day or even more than once each day in some cases.

It's fun to make choices and we think it's important for kids to learn the fun and responsibility of doing so.  After all, how many choices do they usually get in their lives?  In addition to this benefit for our campers, activity sessions at camp are more fun because the campers want to be at the activities they have chosen!

Some parents ask if campers ever try anything new in this system.  Yes they do!  Given real freedom of choice, kids usually try out new things and gain new skills.  It doesn't take an adult to force them to do so.  The bunk counselors provide guidance each day as their campers are choosing activities, so they can give suggestions, encourage new choices, answer questions and help campers remember things like going back to finish a crafts project or attending the rehearsal for a play they are in.  Younger campers get a daily instructional swim program.

Camper Choice Programming.  It's highly organized freedom and it's a very special part of Campus Kids.

Don't hesitate to call us toll-free.
Campus Kids-NJ: 800-633-7350
Campus Kids-Minisink (NY): 888-621-2267


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"Is my younger child ready for sleep-away camp?"
"Is my child too old to start sleep-away camp?"  
"Are campers allowed to call home?"  
"Do campers really choose their own activities every day?"  

"Tell me more about the weekday sleep-away camp concept."


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Feel free to call us (toll free) so we can answer your questions:
New Jersey Camp: 800-633-7350
Minisink Camp (NY): 888-621-2267