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A Day in the Life of a Younger Boy

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


To fully capture the day in the life of one of our younger campers, you would have to wake up pretty early, because that's what they do.  I live in the same hallway as the Sophomore boys, and I can tell you for certain, they wake up early, and are loud about it.  So in that spirit, I planned to wake up early too.  Unfortunately, NPR failed to fully waken me, and by the time I rolled out of bed, the halls of Anderson were empty.

They weren't far away, though, beginning the pilgrimage from Anderson Hall to the cafeteria.

Some took short breaks.

After breakfast, the Freshman and Sophomore boys headed to a yellow bus which would take them to Lake Hopatcong for the day.

Everyone else gathered in the quad to find their activities.


From there, they, like all the other age groups, do activities for the six periods.  The following is just a sample of a few that were offered today.

With the exception of Super Seniors, who are exempt, all age groups take instructional swim daily.
They reconvene with the rest of the camp at announcements.

Bunk times are a favorite relaxing time which all campers have twice a day.

Some campers began a ping pong tournament,


A pool tournament is also currently underway.
Groups also use this time to prepare for evening activities.


Which in this case was lip sync.

Freshman and Sophomores, however, have canteen and then it's back to dorms.  Juniors and up do evening activities.


Now, it is ultimately impossible to do a day in the life of anyone, because one of the dynamics of Campus Kids is variation.  Campers pick different activities, participate in different evening programs, and make different canteen menu choices.  Therefore, this is merely the surface of the day: the substance changes everyday.

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