New Jersey 2007


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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

It's not arachnophobia, it's not agoraphobia, though spiders are creepy and sometimes you do just want to stay inside your house.  Acrophobia took place in the gym lobby.
Seeing this on the wall might lead to you believe that Campus Kids has its own language, or is staffed by illiterates, but neither is true.  Letters are picked at random, and groups must form sentences that have to do with the given category.

Dave picked the letters...

...and Mark wrote them on the paper.


Tonight was the Super Seniors' turn.


Because this is mostly a word-game, pictures would become repetitive, but here are some of the sentences that groups came up with.
  • During Jewish Meals, Rabbis Always Break Dance
  • Gym Yeah! ...not
  • Some Malaysians Still Practice Buddhism Quailmaanmanmanman Voluptuous
  • Girls Aren't Quitters On Ice Skates
  • Donald Often Skis Year-round...Even In July
  • Most Internationals Love Footloose
  • Zoolanders Jokes Supply Giggles In Your-up

In the end, Kiss (Hot in the Shade) came out on top with a narrow win over Tenacious D. 

Their Prize:

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