New Jersey 2007

Apache Relay

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


It seems that in our culture of labels, some names bestowed upon some things make very little sense ("fun size" candy, "near miss", and "poop deck" come to mind).  The same goes for the Apache Relay, whose wide variety of tasks has very little to do with American Indians.  Campers, however, looked past this obvious flaw and participated in this Super Senior evening activity.

Sara began explaining the rules.  There were a multitude of stations, where different tasks needed to be performed.
...which were demonstrated by Jack and Mark.

And with a blow of the whistle, the race was on.

In the first station, two members of each bunk group had to work together in two's to ride a long board, loge-style.

Next, one member of each group, male or female, must have their nails painted, a carryover from last year's "Drag Race".
Up next was Frisbee skills, where one team member had to throw the disc through the Hoola-hoop, being held by a teammate.


Aerodynamics ruled the next task, as campers created paper airplanes and attempted to get them into a large pail.
Though this activity was not designed by our Canadian sports coordinator, hockey was the next station.

Homemakers rejoiced when at the next station they were told they would simply have to thread a needle.
Our weekly newsletter, the "Sundial", often finds itself with room to fill each week.  So therefore, the next stage, in which campers had to write an 8 line poem (haikus were attempted but not accepted) about camp, to be printed in the "Sundial".

The next station was, simply to find an orange.  This proved simple, shockingly.
You'll recall numerous camp songs and skits about keeping hydrated on a hot summer day.  Here, though the process is sped up a touch, campers stayed hydrated by chugging a bottle of water.

Sports skills came next, where campers juggled a soccer ball and dribbled a basketball.
Perhaps the most grueling station (and entertaining to watch) was the wheelbarrow race.  Any of the pictured campers would make a fabulous two-wheeled inanimate object; parents, be proud.

The 'I'm a Little Tea Cup' song was next.  Villani was not, in fact, short and stout.
The next and last stage was Got It, a new camp game which you will be introduced to either through experience or a handy dandy photo journal.  Teams were only required to complete up to level two...

...which the girls team did first.

With some time left, campers' poems were read out loud...

...though the authors were called up to decipher handwriting.
And with still a few minutes left before Canteen, gender divisions played massive games of Got It...

...of which Tom, our camp director is an afficiando.

Even now, I can hear the shouts of triumph and agony as Got It balls soar and land in the pool of sharks.

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