New Jersey 2007

Basketball Tournament

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Contrary to what was hoped for in the Week One talent show, this year's basketball tournament did not go by the same name as last year's did.  Instead, "The Wacky Will Ferrell Basketball Tournament" culminated in a championship game today.

The final match pitted the Anchormen against Talledega Nights.

Each team warmed up before the tip-off.

Quinn, Jimmy, and Steve, the tournament's organizers, refereed the game.

And Ryan and Jenna provided commentary.

Teams lined up in front of their benches...

...and shook hands as the line-ups were called.

Clouds gave players much needed shade...

...under which the tip-off occurred.


The game was on.


Spectators watched eagerly...

...and nearby skate park campers stopped to watch.

Though it wasn't a high-scoring game, it was a nail-biter to the very end.

With two seconds left, and down by two points, one player took foul shots, but missed, guaranteeing Talladega Nights the victory...

...which made them rise from their bench and swarm the court.

Final score: 12-10.



After the teams exchanged congratulations, each lined up for their medals.

And the refs, tortured by having to watch but not play, got in a few shots.

Jeremy, having scored many of Taledega Nights' 12 points, represented the team in accepting the trophy.

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