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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie and Stu


When I try to describe camp in all its aspects to people who know nothing of our little community, I find it hard to fully capture what truly makes camp so special.  And even now, after CampStock, the now-annual music festival, I find myself at a loss for words after this amazing night. 

But let's give it a shot.

Despite a National Weather Service estimate of 50% chance of rain, plans went underway, and the stage was set up.


It was time.

The Monty Python-esque Moon Bounce Castle was inflated.

...and tested.

The set had been labored over by Dave and Dave, CampStock's musical organizers.

There were many booths, which Mark, our Fine Arts coordinator, helped to put together.


As opening ceremonies began, Clash City Rockers made their entrance, singing their division anthem.
  Rock the Campus!  
The crowd was awestruck.

Jack and Nat introduced the hosts: The Staff Assistants.

The first act was The Dave˛ Experience & Friends.
Crowds began to gather.
  Next up was Mr. and Ms. Campstock  
When Jack came on stage holding a rather heavy monkey wrench, everyone realized what was next.
Monkey Wrench, a band comprised of Centenary College's maintenance crew, took the stage.
"Wrench! Wrench! Wrench!" came the shouts from the crowd.
And Dom, the lead singer, handed the wrench into the crowd.
Looks familiar, eh?

Staff Assistants were happy to see that Monkey Wrench, when they were through, packed up their own equipment.

  Only a short distance away was the giant inflatable castle.  
There was also basketball, Frisbee and ga-ga.
Not to mention the shirt design booth.
In between acts, Staff Assistants played games with the crowd, like marshmallow tosses.
  Jeana and Melissa were up next.  
  They were followed by Off Topic.  
  Next Guy Wanna Yone Nike Harris and The Fender Benders.  
    We were followed by Lohan, Marlena and Chloe.
Before the next act, Staff Assistants did a t-shirt launch.  One went all the way to Lotte Hall.
Liz and Dave followed.


  And that was followed by a dance from none other than Josh Katz.  
  Last Time was next.  

We used to have several Staff Members from the American South.  Luckily they were not here for Clash City Rockers' Tractor song.


Next was a lower-key performance by Mike H.
Which was immediately followed by a highly contested blue juice chugging competition, which Villani won.

Though a season-ending counselor song had been performed last week at the Talent Show, Mike, Justin and Matt decided to write their own, parodying R.E.M.'s 'It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)'.

It was, to say the least, thoroughly enjoyed.


In the next skit, each Staff Assistant played another, and the crowd had to guess who was who.




Matt and Matt (Matt˛ if you will) along with a drummer from their band from home were up next.

Lanterns were set up.  It was getting dark. 

But no rain.


Adam and Mike T. were up next with Poi.  Now, these are pictures taken with a flash.  But the following have no flash, and a slow shutter.  It's more like what it looked like in real life.

The last band to play was, one again, Dave˛ & Friends.

A break in The Experience saw Ste, CampStock's house drummer, play a very meaningful solo song.  He was in a moment.  The last line, which is normally "You're jealous because I'm young and in love" he changed to "You're jealous because I'm young and in camp."

It was one of CampStock's longest applause breaks.


The show continued with James singing 'Waiting on the World to Change' and Jimmy with 'Play That Funky Music White Boy'.  Dave Heath did.


James came back for one more song, Hey Jude, which he sang beautifully.

And confetti cannons shot with the final refrain of the chorus.
It would be the only thing to rain from the sky all night.
The next song may have made camp history as Tom Riddleberger, the man in charge of it all, graced the stage for Campus Kids-NJ's traditional final song, "Piano Man".
The circle formed itself even before Mitch played the first piano chord.

Jack, wrapped in his Clash City flag, took the microphone.  The energy was so great that he could have read a shopping list and had an amazing reaction.  I can't remember exactly what he said, but Nat grabbed the adjacent mic and asked the crowd if they had had the summer of their lives.

  They had.  

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