New Jersey 2007

Campers, Counselors Clash

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

Headlines, especially those written in accordance with the guidelines set down by the AP, can be deceiving.  The above headline is just that.  What might seem like an mutiny of the older boys is actually just a vague description of a Camper v. Counselor game of Frisbee.  Taking place during lunch bunk, players gathered behind Anderson Hall.

The teams lined up for the throw off.

Spectators and alternates watched from the sidelines.

The game was intense early on.


Ryan joined the camper team, and they played all the Clash City Rockers Counselors.  With the exception of the 3-1 initial score, lead by the counselors, the score difference was never more than one point.


This picture is, unfortunately, the last one that my camera would take before the ominous battery sign began blinking empty.  With a score of 6-6 in a game to seven, Frank dropped the Frisbee in the end zone.  But after a counselor turnover, his mistake was vindicated when he scored the winning touchdown.


I'll do my best to describe the scene that followed.  After a spike of the Frisbee, the entire team surrounded Frank, giving hugs and jumping as the excitement and shock of beating the counselors in a Frisbee match, something few believed would happen, set in.  In the spirit of sportsmanship, campers lined up, and counselors did the same. 

Campers: 7, Counselors: 6

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