New Jersey 2007


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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Post offices, banks, and the Hackettstown NJ Transit trains were all closed today.  Nevertheless, camp went on, and in fact thrived as we celebrated July 4th with our annual carnival.
Therefore, it seemed only fitting that all carnival prized were made in China.

Each bunk group, a few days before, had signed up to run one booth.  Then, each group was given a table to run and supplies to organize that activity.

There was the body art booth.

There was a baby food eating booth.

There was a "Food Booth".

There was the makeover booth.

There was a basketball booth.
There was even an 'Eat a gummy work off of a string' booth.

And there was a name-that-song booth.
There was dizzy soccer, where contestants had to spin around and try to score a goal.

There was a Coke-Pepsi challenge booth.

And one booth where you had to get a golf ball into a box with holes cut in it.

And booth inspector Dave made sure everything ran smoothly.
One of the more popular booths was the jousting booth, where two people would mount gymnastics equipment and try to put the other off using a pool noodle.

Another popular booth, whose domain seemed to stretch throughout Reeves' Alcove was the water balloon.  Anyone who signed up was on-limits.

Broken promises, however, led to swift revenge.


There were the most screams of "Ooh!" and "Aww!" from the kissing booth, where a roll of dice determined who's lipstick you would have on your cheek.


Danny needed to make sure everyone knew he wasn't actually smiling.  His raw masculinity remains intact.

One group manned the DJ booth, which inspired a great deal of dancing.



But despite all activities, when campers weren't jousting or designing, they were just enjoying the entire carnival atmosphere.


Much thanks must go to Sara for organizing much of the day's events...


...and checking the weather constantly.  We just avoided the rain.


And Stu found a new job.


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