New Jersey 2007

Celebrity Dress-Up

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Personally, I can't stand celebrity news.  The recent Paris Hilton escapades made me want to never look at media again.  But as far as impersonations go, I have no dilemma.
After having been given a list of available celebrities, and going hack to the dorms to prepare, Super Senior groups gathered in the theater.

In case you wanted to know just who the campers were impersonating, and even try to match the names with distorted faces, the list goes as follows:

-Gene Simmons

-Tina Turner

-Michael Jackson

-Marge Simpson

-Harry Potter


-Optimus Prime

-Elvis Pressley

-Princess Lea

-Marilyn Manson

Wonder Woman

-Tom Riddleberger

-Jack Sparrow




-Dora the Explorer


-Queen Fiona

-Mater (from Cars)

-Mickey Mouse

-Minnie Mouse

-Mia Hamm


-Marylin Monroe

-Rich Uncle Penny Bags


Jack provided music, and as the iPod began playing, groups came out to strut their borrowed stuff.


Tenacious D

KISS (Hot in the Shade)
Gym Class Heroes
iPod Minis
Motley Crue
Disco Divas
With time left to spare, groups participated in the talent portion of the show.

There was a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean:
"Why's all the rum gone?"

Michael Jackson as a counselor.
Group songs.
Luca put together a one-man reenactment of a few Star Wars scenes...

...during which he needed to be removed because the trilogy seemed endless.

There were tricks that made people in the front row fear for their lives.

And dances.

Many groans were heard from the audience when they were told that the winner would be declared the next day at announcements.  So check back soon for the exciting conclusion of Celebrity Dress-Up.

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