New Jersey 2007

Chez CK

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Three times a day, we dine in Centenary College's cafeteria.  American style food graces the buffet-style meals.  It is by no means fine dining.  That was about to change.
Staff Assistants Emily and Alexa waited at the top of the stairs with menus ready.


Same food, new format.

The Block Party found their normal table with a tablecloth, flowers in tin-foil-wrapped bottles, and plates set.

Candles lit the table.

And bread was a bit closer.

From under the table, Tchaikovsky played.

They ordered their dinner, and were served.

...and were quite happy about it.


Ste traditionally changes the last line of the Magical Mystery Tour's division song.  While it's usually something along the lines of "2007 yo!" tonight it was, in jest, "We hate the Block Party."

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