New Jersey 2007

Cookie Baking

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

Despite it's mascot's undeniable lovability and cuteness, you won't find any Pillsbury ready-to-bake cookie dough here.

This cookie dough is made from scratch (mostly).
For he last few days, specific groups have ventured into the cafeteria during free swim to learn basic baking techniques like mixing.

The activity is led by Linda, the head of Centenary College's cafeteria, who is responsible for providing Campus Kids' meals.
Butter, sugar, vanilla, flour, baking soda, and salt have all been measured out for campers to homogenize. 



And let's not kid ourselves, not all of the dough goes into the oven.
But the dough that does gets placed onto the rack and put into the oven.

And voila! 


With some time left at the end of the period, Linda leads a food trivia contest.

For instance, did you know that potatoes and lettuce are the most eaten vegetable in the US?

Or how about the origin of Hackettstown's own M&M: made for soldiers so that they wouldn't melt in the trenches (hence their tag line).
White Castle was the first fast food restaurant in the US, obviously dating back to the United State's Medieval era.  (Trivial note: there's a new White Castle under construction in Hackettstown as we speak.)

And for some reason, the people who walk out to snack with a turquoise and white box, now known camp-wide for it's sugary contents, become the most popular.  Whooda thunk it?
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