New Jersey 2007

Day One

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

The day had come.  Months of preparations on the part of the camp leadership team would culminate in this one day.  It was the day campers would arrive.

But let's rewind.

Though it would be an amazing feat, luggage does not put itself on the bus.  It was for this and other reasons that bus counselors awoke very early in the morning (earlier than the clock reads, for it takes some amount of consciousness to use a camera.)
Centenary was dark, save lights in the quad.  A band of 6 counselors (myself included) boarded a yellow bus that would take us to the bus depot, where our camp chariot awaited.

(I myself am a Web Photo Journalist by day, and bus counselor by, well, earlier in the day.)

And with Mike organizing the small party, we were off.
I doubt you have found yourself in the following circumstance, but there is an odd beauty that comes with riding a school bus before the sun has risen.  The landscape is a dark navy, and you drift to sleep along with the hum of the motor.
Then you hit a bump and become thankful that you will soon be in a cushioned coach bus.

Some took every opportunity to sleep.

Once campers were picked up, buses from throughout New York and New Jersey headed for their destination: Hackettstown, NJ.

And after 10 months of waiting, campers caught their first glimpses of the golden dome, from very far away.
As buses pulled into the college, campers were greeted by a sea of red staff shirts, clapping counselors, and the occasional welcome-dance.

Campers began to get off...

...and collect their cargo...

...odd as it may be.

And it seemed to take no time to get right back into the swing of things. 

Campers threw around a football.

Staff Assistants began health screenings.
And Andy began to be chased by freshmen girls intent on procuring his coveted list of names.


Once campers had made their way to their new homes, it was time to officially kick off Campus Kids 2007.

And, as every CK-er knows, the summer officially begins when the announcements song begins.

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