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Deal or No Deal

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


While I tried to not include an obvious plug for the hit NBC game show Deal or No Deal, it was impossible. 

But here at Campus Kids, we play slightly differently.

Mike H. explained the rules: one briefcase would be chosen in the beginning.  Then each team would narrow down the choices by selecting briefcases until there were two.

The board contained prizes and "consequences".

First up: Disco Divas

They lost some of the better prizes in the beginning, including a pizza party and movie night.

Yet they refused numerous deals.

They were left with "Popeye's Spinach" and "Blade of Grass".  Ryan, the banker, was ready with the spinach.

Unfortunately for him, and an audience full of people wanting instant gratification, they got a blade of grass.  Never has a group of teenagers been so happy to receive a single blade of grass.

Motley Crue was next.

Though Deal or No Deal wasn't their only thought.

Some terrible choices plagued them in the beginning.

And when the banker offered them a deal of simply being last in line at fun food night, they accepted it... the dismay of some campers.


Kiss (Hot in the Shade) came next.

Once again, refusing all deals, they went for the long haul.

And they got "First in line @ Fun Food Night".


Finally, Tenacious D.

They picked in order, and even had coordinators but "Glow Items" ahead of Pizza Party in order of importance.  This is an easily amused group.

Some good decisions were made.

And some bad ones, too.

It got interesting when Ryan brought out his next offer: Matt W's famous tire.

The team had to subdue Matt, and refuse the deal.

It got down to Rubix's (I realize that the correct spelling is Rubik's, but bear in mind: provisions were bought at Wal-Mart) and Belline's Choice of Very Bad Things.

But Villani seemed to crack the code.  Ryan's sports number is 4, and it was one of the numbers on the briefcases left.  He advised the group to avoid 4.

And it paid off.


But the tire remained in Ryan's possession, and so without further adieu, I present his last laugh:


Tire Frisbee
Drinking Gatorade with the tire.

Laughing at something the tire said.

Crying with the tire.

Angry at the tire.

Confusion with the tire.

Envious of the tire.

Skipping with the tire.


Victory with the tire.


The tire forgot its house keys.


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