New Jersey 2007


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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


An onlooker might see the back fields of Anderson and wonder what the intersecting wood panels are for.  Hurdles?  Chairs?  Stonehenge NJ?  They, in fact, make up Campus Kids' Gladiator Court.


The rules are as follows: two teams (though on occasion three) each receive a flag.

They put that flag in their team's base, and can guard it.
Everyone is also wearing flags, and if an opponent rips your flag off, you're out.

And if you get hit with an opponent's color dodgeball, you're out.  You may not touch any dodgeballs that are not your team's, on penalty of being out.
The object is to steal the flag or flags and run it back to your base.  That scores a point.

The slightly wooded area makes for a perfect camouflage, but the advantage, or at times, disadvantage, is shared by both teams.

And the following is gladiator, in action.

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