New Jersey 2007

Go Clash Lightning

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Not quite.

That's more like it.

For the past few weeks, Clash City Rockers groups have competed in bunk time rounds of "lightning".  It all lead up to the grand finale:

Tenacious D vs. Motley Crue.






A court had been set up in the gym lobby, and awaited the older boys, who were finishing canteen.

Fans gathered.


Then came the teams.


Tenacious D


Motley Crue



Before the game, Jack announced that the "national anthem" would be played.  It was not The Star Spangled Banner, but Clash City Rockers' bunk song.  Everyone saluted nonetheless.


And with that, the game began.  Lightning is a simple, silent, and intense game.

Each team lines up, holding hands, with closed eyes, except the first person in each line.

A card is flipped.

If it lands tails up, nothing happens.

But if heads shows itself, the first person must squeeze the hand of the person next to them, all the way down the line until the last person feels it.

At that point, whoever picks up the keys first moves up to the front.  Whoever gets all their players to the front once wins.  But if it lands tails, and someone misinterprets a squeeze, the person in the front must go to the back, therefore delaying progress.

The tension could be cut with a laundry card.


After some extraordinarily close calls, some of which needed camera assistance, Matt snatched the keys to guarantee Tenacious D the win.

And there was celebration.
And sportsmanship.
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