New Jersey 2007

Hackettstown Pool

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie, Dave M., and Fabiola


If you saw this picture, you might think that today's day trip for Super Senior Girls was to any of the many nearby state parks for Capture the Flag or Survivor.  Not so.  This path is actually just a shortcut to...

...the Hackettstown Public Pool.

For many, the first instinct was to head for the diving boards, sacrificing any ability to slowly adapt to the cool water.

Others decided to remain landlocked.


Some read magazines, purchased, awkwardly, by Ryan on a camp shopping trip.

Some slept.

Some simply posed for pictures.

Some gave massages.
Some did lanyard.

And some played the world's most maddening game: Mao.  If you are ever asked if you would like to play this dastardly game, run away.


Most day trips are geared towards specific age groups.  Super Senior Girls seemed to have a great time doing very little.


Before leaving, everyone had some lemonade, prepared through unknown means by Alexa and Fabiola.

And with that, everyone headed back to campus for snack time.

...myself, slightly faster.
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