New Jersey 2007

High School Musical

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


With the exception of a few Staff Assistants, and busting performers behind the curtain, and a cameraman, the theater was empty in anticipation of the Week Four drama show: High School Musical.


As with most musicals, a musical number introduced the show.

It is here that Troy and Gabriella first meet.
And they exchange phone numbers.

When they both hear that there are tryouts for the school musical, both want to go for it, but are held back by their respective posses: Troy by his basketball team, Gabrielle by her scholastic team.

That was followed by a basketball-themed song and dance number.

Ms. Darbis, the school's drama teacher, pretentious at that, announces when tryouts will be, and is discouraged by the horrible turnout, delivering Simon Cowell-esque rebuttals.


It all comes down to Troy and Gabriella against Sharpay and Ryan, the latter couple winning favor but not the only callback. their dismay.
In a song entitled 'Stick to the Status Quo', conforming students tell others to do the same.

Troy, meanwhile, takes a verbal beating by the basketball team for trying out for a musical, comparing him to LeBron James who, as far as we know, never did a pirouette on stage.

Gabrielle too is scolded by her mathlete team for choosing, apparently, someone who represents the downside of human evolution.

She laments her predicament in a solo song.
*   *   *

Then, as if by magic, the basketball team realizes they weren't being supportive, and acquiesced to Troy's ambitions.

And one player, who admitted to a love of baking, made him cookies.

Gabrielle's friends did the same, sans cookies.

All of it led up to their final callback in which we can only assume they were selected.

...despite Ms. Darbis' reservations.
The entire cast came out, as the audience cheered famously.

Melissa S. took a moment to acknowledge Marlena H., who could not perform due to sickness and to thank Meg F. for her amazing job stepping into the role of Sharpay.  Thanks also to Casey F. for switching roles at the last minute.


And after a quick booty shake, Stu asked for one more round of applause for all counselors involved, the crew, and, of course, the fabulous cast.


And finally, everyone hurried out, for the Seniors and Super Seniors had yet to see the show.

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