New Jersey 2007

Imagine That: Dance Show

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


The stage was set.  After about two weeks of planning and practicing, Imagine That, CK's dance show was to begin.

Programs had been distributed...

... sound equipment was set up...

...and Kali up in the booth was ready with the lights.

Dave and Shellz introduced the show.

First up was Sarah and Lisa with You Can't Stop The Beat.

That was followed by Arabian Nights.

Next up was a group from the new activity, Hip Hop Shot.

Up next was Amanda, Alyssa, Caitlyn and Lisa with The Flip'n Four.

Shellz followed with a solo dance.


Next came septet of dancers with 'This Is Sick'.

Next up was a Rent Medley.

Next was Flo, Marlena, Melissa, and Meri with Ojos Asi.


Up next were Slim, Q, and Dominique with the Harlem March, which, I found out, is apparently not a month.

That was followed by The Boogie Woogie Tap.
Next were the Hip Hop Hollabacks with an interpretive dance: Peanut Butter Jelly Time.
That was followed by Meri and Marlena dancing to John Lennon's Imagine.
Slim closed off the show with a dance of his own.
As the show concluded, the entire cast did a quick dance and took their final bows.
Stu got up to congratulate all the dancers...
And did what is perhaps the most famous dance at camp.
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