New Jersey 2007

Intercamp Games: Home Edition

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie and Eric


Sometimes people say that Campus Kids is like a bubble, shielded from the outside world.  I don't like this metaphor, not only because day trip buses going on and off campus would certainly pop any bubble, unless that bubble was made of an incredibly elastic material which would stretch as the bus left, but because while we are a community unto ourselves, there is the occasional interaction with non-CKNJ people.  That happens twice a year during Intercamp Games.  Hosted here in Hackettstown, Campus Kids-Minisink, a rustic form of our own camp, journeyed from New York for the games.

Before the games began, I consulted my physics book one last time to see if there was a loophole to the rule that you cannot be in more than one place at a time (though theories are bouncing around [no pun intended] about quantum waves ability to do so) so my running between the three simultaneous games made for maximum coverage but certain amazing plays, of which I found out after the game, were not captured.


First up: Frisbee.


New Jersey came out on top, but after a competitive game, with time left, a fun game (that is not to say the first game was not fun, of course) was played.

Soccer was next.
In soccer, Minisink came out on top, winning both games.
Finally, the teams matched up for basketball.

Amidst the cheers of "CK Hackettstown!" with campers changing the name of their camp to better suit the oppositions chants of a town and not a state, New Jersey came out on top by about four baskets. 

New Jersey eventually won two out of the three matches.  A phrase often floats around this campus: "Everyone's a winner at Campus Kids."  It's become a running joke, but isn't entirely untrue.  Competition is encouraged, but more than anything, sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized.  This made for a wonderful day where campers and staff alike met new people, and did what they do best. 

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