New Jersey 2007

Intercamp Games: Minisink

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


We are Campus Kids New Jersey.  We don't add the New Jersey simply for the image of beauty that the state is known for, but because we don't want to get confused with the other two branches of Campus Kids.  Earlier this summer, Campus Kids Minisink came to Centenary college for games of soccer, frisbee, and basketball.  Today, all three camps, including CK Connecticut, convened at Campus Kids Minisink for matches in those three sports.

Participating Seniors and Supers boarded the bus right after breakfast.

And don't worry, their thumbs were just fine.

Camp bus songs are known for being repetitious camp songs.  But on the Frisbee bus, songs ranged from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to Billy Joel.
After about a 90 minute bus ride, CKNJ-ers took a gander at their woodsy counterpart.


Each camp played the other two camps in each of three sports: Soccer, Frisbee, and Basketball.  Jack gave a pep talk before teams broke up.

  First, Soccer.  
New Jersey played two games, winning one against Connecticut, but coming up just short of Minisink.
  Not far away were the Frisbee games.  

Last year, I learned, while speaking to a counselor from Minisink, that New Jersey has a reputation for, shall we say, Frisbee dominance, just as Minisink has a good reputation for soccer.  We lived up to that reputation, taking two games 7-2 and 7-0, and winning a quick game-to-two against Connecticut.


Finally, basketball.  (Now, you might look at the following montage and think that there are disproportionately more pictures from basketball.  I admit, there are more, but on a hot and humid day, a short basketball court was more desirable to walk up and down than a soccer field.)

NJ came out on top in all its basketball games, despite some very close endings.

But staying true to the CK philosophy, it was more about the game than the outcome.  Let's not forget:: Campus Kids won every game.

  There was time before lunch, so NJ and Minisink counselors squared off in a staff basketball game.  
This game actually did end in a tie.

Minisink meals are slightly different than those in our college cafeteria: buffet lines remain the same, but picnic tables seat everyone in an open air pavillion.

Campers from all the camps introduced everyone to their own camp's songs.  Perhaps the loudest were the Clash City Rockers' song, followed by last year's Goonies song.

Tom even escaped from the office to come see the games.

...and despite his disdain for golf carts, which he has made quite clear, was seen enjoying a ride.

As the final period of the day was about to begin for Minisink, we began to make our way back to the yellow buses that would take us back to Centenary College.  It had been quite a day.

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