New Jersey 2007

Kindergarten Club

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Regression, according to any psychologist, would be classified as a defense mechanism.  They would be correct, present circumstances excluded, because one night, while Ultimate Frisbee, Arts & Crafts, and Shade graced the clubs list as they always do, Kindergarten club detracted campers from nightly staples.

Ms. Flack began instructing her class.


First was show and tell.

Some brought their teddy bears...

...some brought reading advanced for Kindergarteners, but not necessarily 3rd graders...

...and some, simply, brought money.


Next was a game of Indian Chief. 

In this game, two people would be chosen to go away for a minute.  Jumping for joy is not a prerequisite. 

From there, an Indian Chief would be chosen, and their movements would have to be mimicked. 
Whomever went away must then guess who the Indian Chief is.


That was followed by a game of (non-extreme) Duck Duck Goose.

Coloring time was next.  Some did a better job of staying within the lines than others.



Cookies and juice were given out next, which made the "Students" downright giddy.

Ms. Flack soon announced that there were visitors. 

Mr. Cohen-Gael, the school's superintendent, and Mr. Dinwiddy, the janitor.


It began to get dark, and we all know what that means.

Nap time!

And before everyone would have to wake up and begin acting their age, class pictures were taken, in true Kindergarten-class poses.

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