New Jersey 2007

Lake Hopatcong

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Everyone woke up this morning surprised at what they found: it was very hot, very early.  Somewhere in the back of everyone's heads, a voice said "it's summer, dummy," but the moderate temperature thus far at camp had coaxed us into believing that it would be warm, but not overtly so.  But while most groups planned for the heat around the activities they had picked the day before, juniors were consoled in the fact that today was their daytrip to Lake Hopatcong.

About 4 square miles in diameter, Lake Hopatcong is New Jersey's largest freshwater body, and has been enlarged by the damming of the Musconetcong River, its natural outlet, on the southern side of the lake.  This, however, did not matter to campers, whose first instinct, naturally, was to jump in.

Before leaving, Dave, the Day Trips coordinator, made sure everyone had their water bottles, sun screen, and bathing suits, all necessary for the day's activities.

Some took the bus ride as an opportunity to sleep (as did I: my camera was hijacked).

Campers towards the back attempted to get a horn blown from passing trucks.

They went three for four.

And English counselors were made to feel more at home by billboards.

After a delightfully windy trip, we arrived at Hopatcong state park.

And the water was simply irresistible.

We arrived a bit early, though, and the lifeguards were not yet on duty.  Therefore, each group worked together in a game called 'Plug It!'  A large container with several holes had to be completely filled with water using only sand and a (useless) small piece of duct tape.
Some put the buckets to good use.  And why not?

Finally, it came time to go in the water.  Now, all the pictures you see were taken from the shore because any other way would be dangerous.  But I assure you, I did some hard investigation in the water without my camera.

Many took breaks from the water with games of frisbee, football, and Newcomb.
Some, well, buried each other.
And some just took in the rays.
After a quick bag lunch, everyone resumed their previous activities.

By the end, the thought of leaving the cool water didn't entice all the campers, but the thought of a shower did.  Everyone had a great time, and on a day where the Accuweather ReelFeel exceeded 100, it was the perfect excursion.

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