New Jersey 2007

Late Night Dodgeball

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Photos by Matt D. and whomever else picked up my camera, and Articles by Matt Lurrie


You're in the gym in an intense game of dodgeball.  You have a ball in your hand, so you think that it would be safe for you to move to the front.  You do.  A few scattered people on the other side have dodgeballs too, but none are looking in your direction, so you feel fine.  One opponent looks twenty yards to your left and winds up.  As he brings his arm back, his glance is suddenly directed at you.  His arm path changes, and in that millisecond, you go from safety to danger.  You try to dodge, but there is no dodging.  With a thump, the fast moving yet soft ball strikes you.  You're out. 

The only difference: now it's at night.

Older divisions were told during canteen that with few remaining days in the gym, there would be a game of late night dodgeball.

And once the music thumping, the game was on: Seniors vs. Supers.




In the end, Supers won two out of three.  And everyone said goodbye to the new gym.  We hardly knew ye.

Even the Centenary Cyclone wept.

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