New Jersey 2007

Where's Matt Lurrie?

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Photos and Articles NOT by Matt Lurrie

It was a quiet day on the CK campus.  The weather was beautiful and everyone was excited to get on with a full day of activities.  Everything seemed perfect...

That is until Tom asked...

I went over to the office to ask Beth... but she didn't know where Lurrie was either!   I looked for him in candle-making.  They thought real hard... but they didn't know where he was!

I tried to ask Andy, but he was too busy playing Ga-Ga.  It looked like an awesome game.  I wish I had time to play but I had to keep looking for Lurrie!

Some kids were playing Ultimate Frisbee right near by.  And we all know how much Matt Lurrie loves to play Ultimate so I decided to go ask them.  But the game was so exciting, I don't think they even noticed me.  Oh well...


He wasn't at Volleyball either!


He wasn't at Skate Park! He wasn't at the Gym! I even checked the dungeon but Lurrie wasn't there!
The activity coordinators didn't know!  I decided to wait for announcements!
Steve, Jimmy, and Quinn announced the basketball tournament.  Luis found a green sweater and taught us some Spanish.  The Anderson boys announced a ping pong tournament... But still no sign of MATT LURRIE!

When no one at afternoon shade knew where he was... I decided to check free swim...  Donald thought he'd seen him somewhere over there.


I even checked the Health center!  Lurrie wasn't there... I didn't know where else to look.

  At the end of the day, I went to Lurrie's office and I found our web photo journalist putting more pictures on the Campus Kids Website!  Then I remembered, Matt Lurrie went to his High School graduation today!  Congratulations, Matt!