New Jersey 2007

Movie Spoof

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Most of the time, Super Seniors are divided for evening activities because there are so many.  But for Movie Spoof, after all groups were informed of their movie, all eight Super groups convened for the event. 

Each group would have 5 minutes to spoof the movie they were given.  They would be judged upon creativity, humor, sportsmanship, and an array of other  categories.

Jack welcomed everyone to the theater, and the skits began.

  The Disco Divas did a dance for the movie Napoleon Dynamite.  
  Tenacious D spoofed Willy Wonka.  
  Summer Lovers were given High School Musical, a favorite of our Performing Arts Coordinator.  
  Gym Class Heroes were given School of Rock, which they turned into School of Rap.  
  iPod Minis did an interpretive dance for Pirates of the Caribbean.   
  Motley Crue was given the new Simpsons movie.  
  Kiss (Hot in the Shade) was given Transformers, but their skit centered around counselors transforming at night into other, sometimes sinister beings.  
  And finally, Boys || Men parodied Cars.  

Awards will be presented later in the day.  But for you, dedicated reader, I've bribed the judges, and after being double crossed, having being given microfilm of last year's boat wars awards (shocking, I know), tunneled under Van Winkle to get my hands on these illustrious awards.

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