New Jersey 2007


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Rugby, Frisbee, Soccer, Football, even Volleyball: Rob-Lou-Jen, named after a trifecta of former counselors who invented the game, has become a staple of Stu's daily camper-choice schedule.
Played on a Soccer field, two teams face off.  The object is to score a goal.

But the ball used is not a soccer ball, but a rugby ball.
But you can't simply throw it in, no no.  You must kick or punch the ball past the goalie.

And don't worry, you can run with it.

But if you get tagged, then you have five seconds to throw it.


Now on paper or, rather, web page, this game might sound a bit complicated.  But I assure you-after a little play time, it becomes second nature.  The hyphens between Rob-Lou-Jen disappear, and soon, you're just playing a game of robloujen.

Rob, Lou, and Jen, circa 2002.

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