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School of Rock

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

The Super Senior group Tenacious D might be named after Jack Black's band, but for the eight week drama show, campers from all age groups came together to put on the play of the movie "School of Rock."
Stu and I tend to go to different shows so that our pictures don't look identical.  Luckily last night was no different, as Mike H., the lead playing Dewey Fin, fell ill after the first show.  Complete pictures from the first show are available in Stu's Pics.

Instead, Dave took his place.

And Matt F. took over bass in the pit.

And throughout the play, he and Ste and Dave M. played rock classics as the scenes were changing.
Dewey, a failed rock musician, intercepts a call for his roommate, a substitute teacher, and takes the job.

He meets the class, and like the unaccredited teacher he is, gives them recess instead of studies.
But after he observes the class in music class, has an epiphany: create a band with the children.

He begins teaching them how to play their normally classical instruments for Rock.
And he begins to rock out.

The band has been created, and everyone pledges allegiance to the band.

He continues to teach them how to play...
and about the history of rock.

(You'll notice that in the bottom right corner of the blackboard is "CampStock", our annual music festival on the last night.)


When they go to the audition, they find out that the bill is full.

...and the record producers turn them away.

But after one student gives Dewey the idea to feign illness, it works.

Back at school, band costumes got a bit out of hand...
So they decide to go out in their uniforms.

Unfortunately, Dewey's roommate's treacherous  girlfriend outs Dewey as a fraud, and everyone finds out his true identity.

The next morning, despite their premonitions about trusting someone who lied to them, went to his house and got him to take them to battle of the bands.

After a prayer to the gods of rock...
...and a wardrobe malfunction, they began.

But before Dave, or rather, Dewey could play the first chord, Mike H. or, rather, Dewey, walked on stage.

"I'd like to thank Pepto-Bismol," was all he said as the crowd went wild.

Everyone was on their feet.

Back to the show: parents had tracked down their children just as the music began.


When the winner was announced as No Vacancy, the crowd, led by the formerly irate parents, began chanting "School Of Rock".  So they all came out for one last song.

The entire cast came out for their bows...
...and Stu for his perpetual encore.

He thanked Bash, Kali, and James for their directing...

And Dave, Ste, and Matt in the pit for their musical interludes.

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