New Jersey 2007

Settling-In Day

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Everyone knows the feeling: the feeling of being extraordinarily thirsty, and stumbling upon a bit of water, enough to tide you over until you reach the end of the desert, or other, more likely scenarios, but not quite enough to satisfy that for which you long.  Well, on the Saturday before the first day of camp, thirsty campers made their way to Centenary College for a bit of what they desired: camp.

The soon-to-not-be-empty quad acted as the vast stretch of land.

Staff members, just off a week of orientation, had been getting the grounds ready for the influx of campers and their luggage.

...peculiar as it may be.

Campers were ecstatic to see familiar staff members, obviously not taking into account the risk of spinal cord injuries.

And the sea of red staff shirts (and their inhabitants) were ready, waiting for cars to pull up.

For convenience, staff members wore nametags.
Some of which were more advanced than others.

This year's theme being music, speakers were set up at both Reeves and Anderson Halls, blasting songs reflective of bunk groups, or simply staff picks.

Meanwhile, hard-working staff assistants directed traffic and helped carry luggage into the dorms.

As did counselors.

As campers did arrive, and finish packing their clothes away and fixing up their rooms, there was little left to do than do some camp activities.

The same thought occurred to staff.

Though reluctant to leave, soon-to-be campers begrudgingly got back in their cars and drove off; but they knew that soon enough, they would return for another amazing summer.

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