New Jersey 2007

Soccer Tournament

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie and Stu

Sports tournaments here at Campus Kids are famous for their long names.  This year's tournament didn't begin having a long name, but it ended up having one: The 2007  British Invasion Tournament Tournament Tournament Tournament Tournament Tournament (I might have added too many or too few of those.  Left in the final round were the Little Hampton Big Bens (the team I happened to be on) and the Stockport Cups of Tea.

It was a fight to the finish.  That's a good place to end.


Each team ran out from their respective side, banners in hand.

And their names and numbers were read... announcers Dave, Dave, and Ryan, who was a bit late.


And with that, the game began.


It was an extremly dramatic game.  With a score of 1-1 and two minutes remaining, the Big Bens scored.  After a mini celebration, and with one minute left, the Cups of Tea tied it up at 2.  A three minute sudden death overtime couldn't decide the winner either, so it came down to a shoot out.

Both teams waited behind in anticipation.
The first pair were both blocked by the goalies.
Two more players kicked.
And two saves were made.
The third kick for the Cups of Tea was wide...
...but that left the Big Bens with one last shot.  It was the proverbial final moment.

And it paid off.  Greg E. kicked it just through the goalie, guaranteeing the Big Bens the win.


Little Hampton Big Bens

Big Bens and Cups of Tea

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