New Jersey 2007


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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie and Adam


Softball isn't an every-other-day activity like frisbee, dodgeball, or basketball.  It appears rarely, because it's a double period, and campers don't sign up for it in the droves that other activities attract.  But for a select group of players, it's a favorite activity.
We play on a field a few blocks off campus.

Asked Villani, "Have you ever seen anything that beautiful?"

We hadn't.

Teams were made and the game began.  My colleague Adam, whose pictures frequently fill the galleries, brought his camera, and I did the same.  But a few minutes into the game, we both realized that our batteries were dying (side note: most things break or stop, but batteries, they die.  It's so dramatic.)  Now I'm not saying sabotage occurred, but many campers seem to duck away from my lens...

I was faced with the decision of running back to campus, plugging in my battery, waiting fifteen minutes, running back, and rejoining my team.  You can find my decision in the final picture.


I couldn't leave my team.  In the end, the team first to bat won 10-9 after an intense last inning with a pair of close calls and spectacular plays.

  *This is where the group picture would have gone*  
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