New Jersey 2007


Senior Pool Party

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

When you hear the phrase "Senior Pool Party" thoughts of a social gathering in a retirement community might pop up.   If you know Campus Kids, you'll know that seniors are an older boys classification.  Nevertheless, by the end, many seniors were prune-y. 

They waited in anticipation outside the pool.  I had gone around to let them in, and they didn't seem to appreciate the extra three seconds of waiting while I took a photo.

The water was calm.  This was about to change.

Outfitted in bathing suits, with towels slung around the banister of the gallery, campers waited for the whistle from the lifeguards.

...which soon came.

Noodles became a quick favorite.

Jumping into the deep end, as well, attracted more daring campers.

Water volleyball, too, began in the shallow end.



Some people just wanted to jump in a cool pool after a hot day of activities.

Music was provided by Danny...

...and Emily, entertainment.

Everyone else floated (no pun intended) from activity to activity.



And someone, lurking beneath the surface, liked playing jokes on people.

And those who prepared were rewarded.

After a while, one long whistle signaled the end of the pool party, and people began clustering around exits.






Many thanks to lifeguards for their careful watch.

An understatement.



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