New Jersey 2007


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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

The hit series survivor stresses three main points: outwit, outplay, outlast.  At Campus Kids, there is only one thing campers playing survivor must do: outrun.

Paul and Dave explained the rules.  Each member of each team would have to hold on to a group rope.  The object of the game was to find hiding counselors, and collect badges which represented food, water, and shelter. 
Counselors bearing clues quickly hid.

And groups began their search for the crouching counselors, and hidden Staff Assistants.
Meanwhile, the predators, who would try to catch the groups and take their hearts (their laminated, paper heart, of course) got all prettied up.

And finally, they were ready.
Predators found some unique places to hide.

Which allowed for maximum screaming.
Meanwhile, counselors with icons like food, water, and shelter hid throughout campus.

Many hearts were lost.

however, if a group found Dave, they would be immune from one attack... taking out the predator.

One trick predators used was hiding within a group of canteen-bound juniors...

...which worked wonderfully.

The game continued in this fashion.

Survivor has always been one of the more intense evening activities, leaving campers paranoid for the entire evening whenever they heard footsteps behind them.  And though many were scared, and many screams were heard throughout campus, none can compete with one camper-turned-Staff-Assistant's reaction last year.


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