New Jersey 2007

The Raising of the Flag

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

Overall, behind the scenes set up at Campus Kids isn't the most interesting of topics.  It often includes bringing equipment from place to place, and is usually delegated to Staff Assistants. But the struggle and eventual victory of the older boys' division over gravity seemed like one worth noting.
The Clash City Rockers, the name head counselor Jack chose for the division, was displayed proudly on a flag, which Mark helped design.  All that was left was to raise it high in the half circle formed by Reeves Dormitory.

You may recall a similar flag-last year's Goonies.
First attempts to throw the end of the rope to the 3rd story windows failed, so new techniques were employed.

With counselors positioned at each window, rope was lowered to Jeremy...

Who tied knots one could only learn in the Boy Scouts.

And finally, the flag was hoisted high into the air.

And as the flag got higher and higher, a nearby tree got lower and lower.

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