New Jersey 2007

Thursday Night Live

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


The stage was set.  Two weeks of preparations had led up to this show.  This was Thursday Night Live.

Before the show started, Kali gave all performers a pep-talk, telling them to, above all, have fun.
The whole camp filed eagerly into the theater, escaping the rain.

Dave, the performing arts coordinator, came on stage to welcome everyone to the show and to kick it off by introducing the hosts...

...Matthew and Abby.

First up was a Barbie Fashion show, hosted by Nat Barbie.

Each of the Barbies came out.

Though sports Barbie nearly took my head off.

The winner was determined by a game of full-body Ro-Sham-Bo (Rock, Paper, Scissors).

Finalists were the default, due to loss of limbs.
In the next 'What if...?' skit, the question "What if you had to have an American accent to work at Campus Kids?" was posed.  Internationals came on stage and spoke like Americans, to the shock and amusement of the audience.

That was followed by the girl's choir singing 'Seasons of Love' from Rent, accompanied by Dave on piano.
Next was "A Dance featuring the Ladies of Campus Kids".

That was followed by a parody of the parody 'More Cowbell'.
...which went over the heads of many campers, but amused many SNL fans.

For the next skit, Jack and Matt were called up to, essentially, play the drama game 'party guests'.  Jack, however, got the better of the actors when, after a girl came out chatting on a phone, he guessed her to be a "typical American teenage girl."
Following that was an original skit written by Isabel T. and Bryce D. which imagined that animals could talk.

In a "Dance for Boys" several counselors did a peppy march to the theme song from 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights."

It turned out to be co-ed.

Campus Kids seems to love Bon Jovi (though Jeremy suggested a no-Bon-Jovi rule for Campstock) and in that tradition, Matt, Josh, Ste and Dave played 'Shot Through The Heart'.
Mike and Doug introduced and commentated on the next act, which was the Obscure Sports Olympics.

There was dwarf-tossing.

Tire racing.

Skateshoe competitions.

And the five-yard dash.  An interesting fact provided by Mike: "Villani once competed in this sport, but upon starting, tripped on the starting line, and fell across the finishing line.

And there was skiing.

In the end, Adam was crowned champion, and promptly hugged his dwarf.
The final skit of the night personified staff members as birds.  I won't tell you which is which, but some of them should be relatively easy to guess.

And after performing his public service, Stu told the audience to give on  last round of applause for the entire cast.


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