New Jersey 2007

Water Balloon Volleyball

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


"Go back to the dorms and put on clothes you don't care about getting wet," were the instructions given to Super Seniors one evening.  Some headed this advice, others persisted in wearing clothes that they would care about getting wet.  It was from these people that the loudest screams would come when a water balloon, soaring over the volleyball net, landed at their feet, splattering water  everywhere.
Jack, apparently doing his Tiny Tim impression, explained the rules.

Each team, in pairs of two, would launch and try to catch water balloons as they went over the net.  Each time one exploded on the other side, the launcher's team would get a point.
Music was provided by Staff Assistants.  Mitch, apparently, had a wrist spasm when trying to put up a peace sign.  Despite his plea for civility, the game was an all out war.

And as Shmerick, who had his name called many times, as he was the balloon-feeder, threw out the first one (then another, because the first exploded), the game was on.
Mark, apparently seizing from excitement, kept score.

Being that it was at night, and that the balloons were small, visibility was low, which made seemingly random combustion of water balloons at people's feet even more surprising.

In the end, in a boys v. girls game, the men came out on top 47-29 (though if memory serves, the girls won last year).  It was a lovely, cool end to a hot day (and a stressful one for this cameraman, as while taking pictures, a rogue balloon exploded on my shoulder partially drenching my camera.  After a mini panic-attack, everything turned out to be fine, and pictures resumed.

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