New Jersey 2007

Talent Show: Week One

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


Outside, a storm was brewing.

But inside the Centenary chapel, a crowd was gathering for the start of the first talent show of the summer.
Stage Crew, consisting of Sam and Jeremy, tested out microphones and amps, making sure that everything was working properly.

And they improvised where needed.

Performers waited in the audience, some nervous, some obviously hiding their anxiety with threatening looks.

And others calmed down by taking candid photos.

Finally, the show began.

The audience was first introduced to the nights hosts: from left to right: Kev, Rachel, Matt T., Emily, and Mike T.

The first act to go was the younger division, with their skit, Anderson's 11.

Andy, their head counselor, began gathering a group of 11 counselors to pull off a heist.

He looked in Carnegie Hall...

...a football stadium...

...wherever it is they play cricket...

...and, I can only assume, Mike T's room.

What was the heist, you ask?

Stealing Tom's wallet.

Up next were Alex and Teddy with a Tae-Kwon-Do showcase.

And Alex, unlike the hosts who introduced him, could put not one, but both feet behind his head...

...and walk away.

That was followed by Matt and James singing Crocodile Rock, with Dave on the piano.  "I apologize if I damage anyone's ear drums," James made sure to note before the song began.


He did not.

In a show of spectacular hand-eye coordination, Becky, Dave, and Steve performed a juggling act, an act from which only one picture exists, because after the first, I realized the flash could mess them up.

But nothing could cause Steve to drop his two juggling balls and one apple, from which he took a bite in between throws.

Next up, the older girl's division counselors set their song to a skit.

Which was followed by Matt on piano.

Next up was a skit narrated by Mike...

...about that favorite of competitions, a 'Mime-Off'.

The silent skit was followed by Ben singing Save Me.

...a beat to which a steady poetry snap began.

My Generation's skit came next, in which two older women reminisced about their childhood at camp...

...and commented on the big hair, big clothes, and big phones of the times.

That was followed by a song by Jimmy.

Along with a dance during the instrumentals.

That was followed by Cassidy on piano.

Isabel was up next, with a hilarious song entitled 'Sandwiches'.

And Jeremy, who helped hold the microphone,, could barely contain himself.

The first full-band performance was headed by Arslan, singing ACDC's Back in Black.

The crowd seemed to get into it.  And as the song began to wind down, Arslan gave the prepared sign, and from the crowd came shouts of "I'm back!".

And his fans were there supporting him, even if they had to miss part of dinner for props.

And last up was the Clash City Rockers' skit.

Donald and Matt D. were coming back from Charlie Brown's steakhouse (who knew there was a Charlie Brown's in Hackettstown?).  They had to eat there because, in their words, "The Staff Assistant ate all the pizza."

Which, however true, struck a chord with Staffies sitting in the balcony.

They began watching 'Clash TV', starting with Jack's comedy special which left the audience groaning.

Next was the self help spoof of Dr. Phil...Markowitz, a tribute to former Web Photo guy.

...which had appropriate credits.


Commercials came next, the first of which for Popeye's spinach.

One of the funniest part of the night, and possibly of any talent show, was the parody of "Real Men of Genius" sung to whomever designed the new gym, which, unfortunately, had so many flaws that it the floor will have to be ripped up.


And with that, Stu, our master of ceremonies, congratulated all the talent, commended the hosts, directed people as to where to go...

...and shook his booty.  "I almost got away without doing it," he said, to which the audience responded, in oddly well-planned unison, "Never!"

And of course, the hosts were fantastic.


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