New Jersey 2007

What Wood Franko Do?

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


You may have seen this insignia around camp emblazoned upon all woodwork, from benches to garbage pails.  Franko Groovic is a member of Centenary College's maintenance crew, but he has a special talent: he is an excellent woodworker.  Seeing this, Stu put "Franko's Wood" on the schedule.

A group of campers, representing all age groups, took an on-campus excursion to the maintenance building to get to Franko's workshop.

Franko, standing in a dimly lit doorway, greeted campers into his workshop.

He gave campers a tour of the shop, including some of his own masterpieces.





The latter of which, a whale, he demonstrated the making of, beginning simply with a block of wood.

He cut it...

...sanded it, and, in a cooking show-esque moment, showed us what a fully sanded and varnished one looked like...

...which everyone admired.

He then brought out a box of paper bags, and told campers that inside each were parts of a whale.  Campers, and lucky staff members who got extras, were to sand and put the whales together.

This excited campers eager for a souvenir. 

Mind you, in this scenario, the children were real and the whale, made from wood.



Though all the whales were different, they were all mounted on stands.


And the rest of the camp was green with envy.




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