New Jersey 2007

Younger Divisions on Ice

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


There's no way to put it poetically: today was hot.  Older divisions had no escape from the Sun's rays.  It was then that they, for the first time, wished they were younger, because all the younger divisions were about to go on their day trip to Chill Out Ice Rink.

This day trip required no cheese bus.

Just a quick walk down the block.

Campers, upon arrival, went to get their skates.

Though some brought their own.

And despite the fact that the stands of fans were empty, campers skated as if in a race (and frequently were).


There were, of course, the inevitable falls. 

Many, in fact.


But people got right back up.

Some campers were trying skating for the first time.

As were some staff members.
But given a helping hand, everyone could do at least one lap.

Soon, the lights were dimmed, and the Cha Cha Slide came on.  Though it was one of the more dangerous songs to play on ice, it was performed famously.


As the time for announcements loomed soon, everyone had to get off the ice.  But everyone was content about one fact: 

We'd torn up the ice.
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