New Jersey 2007

It's The End Of Camp As We Know It

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie

At last night's amazing CampStock, a few super senior boys parodied R.E.M.'s 'End of the World As We Know It', turning it into the title you see above. Today, the prophecy came true.

After posing for a few more pictures, it was time.

Luggage was brought out...

...and, for lack of a better term, schlepped across campus.

...unless you were in Villani's group, who got their luggage chauffeured. 

What was a few weeks ago one of the happiest sights was turned into one of sadness.  The Red and Orange paneling of the Vanderhoof buses made everyone's heart sink.
As the buses were being loaded, everyone looked to the sky.

The rain was fast approaching.

I make it a point to not show pictures of the scene that followed.  It is never a pretty one (and I find it better to remember the amazing times rather then dwell on the momentary unhappiness).  As the rain began to fall, friends embraced for what would be their last encounter in a few weeks, a month, a year, or in some wretched cases, ever. 
As the buses pulled out, staff made their way to the corner where the buses would be. 

And we could only watch as the buses got farther...
and farther...
and farther...
...until they were out of sight.

But not out of mind.

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