New Jersey 2007


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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


In order to write the stories I'm sure you follow very closely, I consult Stu's daily schedule.  When I saw that 19 people signed up for Yoga, I figured I'd cover it.

But when I got to the basement of Lotte Hall, there were no Yogaees.  (Yogers?)
Though the gym is by most standards useless, the lobby, air conditioned as it is, made for a wonderful yoga studio.

Now, in my job, I walk around snapping shots of campers doing activities.  Often times, they'll try to get in a picture or they'll demand a picture, the latter of which I sometime acquiesce to.  But for this activity, oddly enough, I was shunned.  Nevertheless, I give you yoga.  
Suffice it to say, it was one of the more awkward stories to cover.
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