Lion King!
Article by Abi Brennan.
Pictures by Abi and Stu.
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This year the Week 8 Show was the Lion King! The Lion King is a movie about how a young lion prince is born in Africa, thus making his uncle Scar the second in line to the throne. Scar plots with the hyenas to kill King Mufasa and Prince Simba, thus making himself King. The King is killed and Simba is led to believe by Scar that it was his fault, and so flees the kingdom in shame. After years of exile he is persuaded to return home to overthrow Scar and claim the kingdom as his own.

James started off the show explaining a few house rules.

The show started off with a dance to "The Circle of Life". Simba was presented to the rest of the animals in this scene.

Next we heard from "Father Nature" who explained families and the bonds between them. He explained that not all are good and the love between a family and for oneself is not present in everyone.

The attention was then turned to Scar. Who skipped Simba's presentation to wallow in his sorrows.

Zazu, the King's right hand man was sent to announce the presence of King Mufasa.

There was brief exchange between the two brothers.


Mufasa showed Simba that everything the light touches in their kingdom he would one day rule over. Except for the shadow land, where Simba was never to go.

Scar then slyly tricked Simba into thinking that the shadow lands were an elephant graveyard. Simba was so excited he raced off to tell his best friend Nala.

Simba and Nala received permission from their Mothers to go play as long as Zazu went with them.

After a conflict between Zazu and Simba broke out Simba threatened to fire Zazu. Zazu said only the king could fire him. Which led Simba to break out into song about the day where he would become king.

After escaping from Zazu, Simba and Nala played around in the "elephant graveyard".

After Zazu caught up with the two cubs, they had an unpleasant encounter with Scar's hyenas. Luckily Mufasa was there to save them all from a terrible fate.

Mufasa was very disappointed with Simba for deliberately disobeying his order. When Simba retorted that he just wanted to be brave like Mufasa, Mufasa explained that everybody gets scared.


Next was a dance to "Be Prepared". Where Scar tells all the hyenas that he will one day become the King and that they should be ready for that day to come.


Next Scar tricked Simba into waiting on a rock and he was almost killed in a stampede!


After Mufasa goes to save Simba, he is killed. Scar blames Simba and tells Simba to run away and never come back.

After Simba runs away, he finds two new friends in Timon and Pumba. They teach him "Hakuna Matata". Which means have no worries!


Soon Simba has grown into a young man with the help of Timon and Pumba.


One day a young lioness tries to attack Pumba! After fighting her off Simba realizes it's his old best friend Nala!


The two were falling in love and a touching love song was sung.
However when Nala assumed Simba would be going home to Pride Rock, he told her otherwise and she was disappointed.
As upset as he was that he upset Nala he knew he couldn't return home, because Scar told him to never go back.

Rafiki then entered the picture to tell Simba that he should return home to his family and that it was what his Father would want.

When Nala, Pumba, and Timon come looking for Simba, Rafiki tells them that he has returned to Pride Rock!

Simba returns to find all the animals neglected and starving.

Scar and Simba fight in an epic battle!

Simba wins the fight and gets Scar to admit that it was really Scar who killed Mufasa.

Congratulations to a fabulous job by the cast!

A fantastic job by the directors!


And as always, a major thank you to James for all his hard work!

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