One More Song?
Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
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One More Song? CK-NJ loves CampStock!

Everyone put on some tie dye and other fun outfits and headed out to the quad.
There were tons of fun activities and booths that you could go hang out at.
Everyone was walking around having a great time!
The show was opened by Ethan, playing the Star Spangled Banner.
Afterwards DaveČ performed. First Lisa sang "Vertigo" with them.
Following Lisa was Donald, Liz, and Emily sang together.
Everyone was having a good time singing and dancing in the quad.
Unfortunately it started raining...

But after a lot of helpful hands were put to the test, we were able to hold CampStock in the gym lobby!

One of the first bands up in the gym was Foot Melon!
After Foot Melon, Matt sung and played guitar!
80's Club sang together!

Between acts there was a quick chugging contest!

The Toxic Turtles...NOT the Fish Heads sang "Fish Head" after!
Gwen and Andrew performed afterwards!
The crowds were really enjoying the music!

Soon after Gwen and Lisa sang together,
Gaz and Tom performed some poetry. Which was more of singing and rhymes with exciting dances.
The musical stylings of Polar Bear Chainsaw Fight came up to perform after.

Ste's Muscles Will Destroy The World got up there to play for a while.
Team Remix got on stage to debut their band soon after.
Chloe and Marlena sang a few Beatles' songs and then called some friends up to help out.
The Pyromaniacs performed "TNT" which was a crowd pleaser.
Andrew, Lisa, and Gwen got back on stage to perform again!
It was getting pretty late, but the crowd was still having a blast!

Then it was time Tug Your Apples!
NJ Sucks graced our presence next!
But it was a little too late for some of the younger campers.
With a final performance from DaveČ CampStock 3 started to round up.
Request after request to play one more song was screamed by the crowd to DaveČ. They played for as long as possible, but the night was ending and they were running out of songs. With a final song of "Shout" the show ended. CampStock 2008 ended on a fun note. Even if it was inside nothing can rain on a CK-NJ parade! CampStock 4 will be just as amazing guaranteed. Just wait until next year!