To Our Readers...
Written by Abi Brennan, Ethan Head, and Doug Bienstock!
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To Our Readers:

Summer 2008 has been an interesting one to say the least. Team D was a new concept for CK-NJ so as the guinea pig of this experiment I'm glad to see that it worked out so well. There's so much to say and so little time to say it. It's Friday night and I'm finally recuperated enough from the sob fest that occurred at the buses. It's been a summer of memories that's for sure. Walking from activity to activity, stalking children who don't think there are enough pictures of them, sitting next to Stu during most of the shows to take pictures and usually sitting on the ground, constantly cracking my knuckles from typing so much, racing the boys to get a computer to edit first, tricking campers into letting me take their pictures, turning the phrase "jinx you owe me a soda" into "jinx you owe me a gallery page", going on day trips to take pictures of campers doing different things, being known as "girl with the pink camera", and many more. Taking pictures is like capturing a moment for a lifetime, and it never gets old. Thanks for letting me be part of your summer. Have a good rest of your summer and I better see every single one of you at the reunion!

Saying CK 2008 was amazing is by far an understatement. I'm sitting here on Friday night and have no idea what to type. I definitely cannot compete with Abi's novella. The memories are rushing through my mind as I look back on this summer. For one thing, it went WAY too fast. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. In that case my summer has been worth millions of words. I've shadowed campers, made friends with the chapel floor, found a home in Jeremy's office, cramped my hands from typing, going on adventures with Jeremy, cooking up photo journals, and hating the brand name Canon. I had an awesome time being part of CK 2008 and from my work, I know all you did too! I hope to see all of you at reunion and maybe next summer too!

There is a certain feeling when you have created something for the first time.  This emotion is almost unexplainable, a mixture between excitement and pride.   I have felt this before, while creating music or even just finishing an essay for school.  However, I have never felt it more than when I worked here at Campus Kids.  Through the art that camp has allowed all three of the Team D members to pursue, my ambitions to create were encouraged.  As the weeks went by I made numerous good friends, both campers and staff, who inspired me to keep doing my job to the fullest.  For two months of my life, being a camp photographer meant the world.  And for that I thank all of you.   

By the way, we had 61.5 GB by the end of the summer from all of our pictures. Beat that Lurrie!

This journal is dedicated to Matt Lurrie. After a summer as photo journalists, we can't even begin to understand how you pulled it off all by yourself in the past.