Let the Rain Fall Down
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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For three years now, Campus Kids has carried on a great tradition on the last night of camp. Three years ago, in a stroke of genius CampStock was born. All the musicians of CK would get together and perform in the greatest music festival of time. August 14, 2008, Campstock III:

The show opened up with a Jimmy Hendrix style National Anthem by Ethan.

The Dave2 experience along with Donald, Emily, and Liz opened up Camp Stock with a bang!

As they sung on, the sky began to darken. The clouds moved in, but Campus Kids said the show must go on!

Unfortunately the weather would not wait for Campstock. The sky opened up and quickly soaked everyone.

It was raining quite hard and the stage was quickly covered. Hiding under a metal tent next to a tree, the situation looked grim...

but like the Hilary Duff song, "Let the Rain Fall Down," Campus Kids did just that. The festival was quickly moved indoors and started up after dinner.

In the new venue, with the rain falling down, Foot Melon got the festival back on track.

Matt W. performed a song for the crowd.
The Toxic Turtles performed the song "Fish Head."

80's club rocked out to some classic songs from not too long ago.

Staff assistants Ethan and Paula sang a collection of songs.

The Banana Men, Tom and Garry, read some intriguing poetry.

Gwen, Andrew, and Lisa wowed the Campstock crowd with their musical abilities.

Polar Bear Chainsaw Fight tore it up on stage!
Ethan, Abi, Emma, and Ali sung "I Feel Home," by OAR.

Meg, Emma, Natalie, and Lauren "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing."

The Michaels brothers and friends sang an awesome tribute to Camper, Staff Assistant, Counselor, and Athletic Coordinator Donald.

Cass and Marissa sung "Love Song," by Sara Bareille.
Bri and Jordan sung "No Air," by Jordin Sparks.

Some of the Super Dupers got up to perform a touching original about CK.

Ste's Muscles Will Destroy the World rocked out for the audience.

Team Remix sung an awesome medley of popular R&B songs.

Chloe and Marlena performed a selection of their favorite Beatles songs.

The Pyromaniacs performed "TNT."

Gwen and Lisa came back onto the Campstock stage to perform again.

NJ sucks performed some real rock songs. They also wanted to clarify that NJ does not suck, in fact it rocks!

Tug Your Apples showed Campstock how to rock out CK style!

Last but certainly not least, the Dave2 Experience and Ste's Amigos got back onstage to close out the festival.