Club Cliff
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
(click on photos to enlarge)

For their last night of camp, the freshmen and sophomore boys took a night out on the town! Through some connections, they were being allowed the once in a lifetime chance to party at the exclusive Club Cliff.

Before they got started, the boys had to make their ID cards. After all, you can't get into a club without some ID.

The clubbers lined up anxiously outside the doors waiting to be let in.

Bouncer Andy was at the door to check ID and make sure no one was underage.

Andy was a little suspicious of Luis' age.

The club was packed and pumping. The disco ball was spinning and jams were blasting.

Some chose to show off their awesome dance moves.
Fists were pumpin all night long.

The excitement was just so much even the photographer had to join in the madness.

Andy got into it too, and showed everyone how the Big Red Dog parties!

It was a great night and no camper will forget the awesome time they had at Club Cliff!