Counselors vs. Campers!
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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Every year at Campus Kids the campers get ambitious and challenge the counselors to a game of ultimate frisbee. The counselors never say no and obliged to the challenge.

The counselors looked very threatening and attempted to intimidate the smaller campers.

Scary or not, the campers did not falter.

The campers put their game faces on and gave the counselor team a run for their money.

The campers passed excellently up and down the field, but the end zone kept eluding them.

As the game pressed on, the counselors began to pull ahead. The likes of Donald, Steve, Andy and more seemed impossible to defeat.

The counselors quickly pulled ahead to a 5-1 lead. It seemed like all hopes were lost for the campers.

But Campus Kids campers never back down. As the counselors coasted to victory, the campers struck back to within one point.

Unfortunately, with time dwindling and the score deadlocked, the counselors made a last attempt to break through the endzone and scored the game point.

The campers played excellently, but were just no match for the counselors... this year.