Extreme Duck Duck Goose!
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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Every once in awhile at CK, the campers get together and create new games. One day a few years ago, some campers decided it was time for change. They were tired of plain old boring duck duck goose. Some more extreme was needed. Extreme duck duck goose was born.

A hybrid of duck duck goose and dodgeball, the game was a smash hit. Instead of tagging, the "goose" must hit the runner with a dodgeball.

The players sit in the standard circle anticipating their turn to play.

Once tagged, the player rushes into the center to retrieve the dodgeball. Hitting the runner is all about timing, the player must pick just the right moment to throw.

The runners put on the moves to try and avoid the dodge ball.

If a player does get hit by the dodge ball, he or she is sent to goose pot! The last two players left are determined the winners!