Office Space
Written by Doug Bienstock
(click on photos to enlarge)

Van Winkle, or "VDUB" is the location of the Campus Kids Office. This facade does not do justice to all the magnificence inside.


Behind this door is where all the magic happens. Inside, is a beehive of activity. There is never nothing to do at the office.

Ryan Belline does too many things to get into here. He is, however, the master prankster of the CKNJ office. Beth and Sara frequently are victims of his schemes.


Sara is commonly the voice on the other end of the telephone. She is key to the inner workings of the camp.

Beth, posing with a stack of envelopes, works with Sara in the office.



The task board lists everything that needs to be done to keep the camp working. It is never ever empty.

Stu is the man behind the schedules. Without him the camp would fall apart!

The famous copy room. Staff assistants spend a lot of quality time with the copy machines.

The man himself.


Jeremy's office and the Team D room! This is where all the beautiful pictures are edited and Pulitzer prize winning photo journals are written. The Sundial is also edited in this room.


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