The Ethan Guitar Experience
Photos and Article by Ethan Head
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The Ethan Guitar Experience

There is nothing more entertaining than a bunch of guys playing the guitar.  It was especially entertaining today when I taught the guitar activity after lunch.

  Matt, a younger boys counselor and former photographer for CK, was assisting the  guitar class.  Ben was the lead instructor.   He plays a mean acoustic bass.
Added to the mix was Ethan Head, AKA "Me"!  I had a blast being apart of the circle of musical magnificence.

Things started out pretty well.  Everyone began playing their own style of music.
Then things got a little out of hand.  Instead of playing guitar, many campers would slowly edge their way over to the drum sets across the room.

By the median of the period, even the instructors originally assigned to the activity started playing drums instead.

Not all of us were pleased.

Eventually, we migrated downstairs to the lobby, where I could finally teach the fellas' how to strut the guitar genius within all of them.

Unfortunately, genius is hard to come by for some.


In the end, those with less experience gained knowledge and veterans had a great time. 


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